RiverSounds Recording Resort


     River Sounds Recording Resort is located outside Castell, Texas on the Llano

     River near Enchanted Rock. Riversounds offers a peaceful, inspiring

  environment for musicians of all styles looking for quality and service.


             River Sounds Recording Resort Technical Information

16-24 Track Digital Recording    

Outboard: Manley, Alesis, RNC,

DM-24, MOTU 48/96 Digital production

high quality pre Manley, ART, Antique Tube amps.

Microphones: Neuman, AKG, Shure and Beyer   

MOTU sequencer - much more!!!!

CD Burner, 100 at a time! / Mastering                       

Jeri Arsenault


20 years studio experience

Accomplished songwriter, performer, producer and artist

4 years of ACC Music program includes engineering, promotion, bottle

washing, legal aspects, management and acoustic design.


$350 per day - 16 Track (8-hour lockout, includes 8 hours with engineer)

$600 per day - 24 Track (24-hour lockout, includes 24 hours with your engineer)

$50 per hour - Recording

$45 per hour - Demo Mastering

$10 - DVD backup

Contact us for prices on CD production

%50 down on all bookings, you must cancel 72 hours in advance to refund deposit.


Rental of Merlin's Cabin $20.00 per night/ free with lockout.

(Check if needing more than one night)

                              Other Service

* We travel to your event and do on site live recording of your music/band

* We record speeches or other public events

* We specialize in archival and historical transfers and storage mediums

* We write and produce jingles and TV/Radio Spots for all needs


                        PO Box 53, Castell, TX 76831

                        512-217-4596 or email to

                        need info?